The project.


Changing energy production to renewable sources is the essential cornerstone of the transition, affecting the future we leave for your generation


Heating your home needs ~ 50% of your energy consumption. Insulation and space-saving make homes energy efficient.


The future of transport is fossil-free: public transport, bikes, electric cars and lorries.


Learn, understand, apply measures and act to make energy transition a reality.

The Energy Transition Action Project

Our project is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change, aiming to transform our education systems and empower the leaders of tomorrow. We envision a world where sustainability and environmental consciousness are deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of students and teachers alike. The Energy Transition Action Day (ETAD) is not just a project;
it’s a movement towards a brighter, greener future.


Our core objectives are rooted in the belief that education can be a powerful force for change:

Advancing Education for Sustainable Development: We seek to equip teachers with an innovative educational package designed to inspire and educate the next generation about sustainable living. Through our Energy Transition Action Day, we aim to ignite passion for environmental stewardship in schools all across Europe and worldwide.

Skilling Up Students: Knowledge is power, and we aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of critical topics such as climate, energy production, housing, and mobility and transport By unraveling the complex interrelationships between these subjects, we empower students to make informed decisions and be agents of change.

Empowering Students: Beyond knowledge, we aim to shape students’ self-efficacy and foster their belief in their capacity to shape the future. We want them to embrace civic engagement, participate in social transformation, and develop the stamina and resilience needed to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.


To achieve these lofty goals, we have a robust plan in place:

Developing elaborate Educational Materials: We are creating engaging and interactive materials for our Energy Transition Action Day, covering five units. From understanding energy transition to planning a climate-friendly neighbourhood through roleplay, our materials will spark curiosity and inspire action.

Real-world Testing: We’re putting our materials to the test in secondary schools across Austria, Germany, Greece, and Romania. And we’re not just theorizing: Collaborating with municipal decision-makers means we can use their expertise and actual data, and thus ensure real-world relevance and effectiveness.

Teacher Training: To ensure the sustainability of our project, we’re training teachers and other educators to implement the Energy Transition Action Day effectively. These educators will be equipped to inspire future generations.


Our project will yield tangible and lasting results:

An extensive educational package for the Energy Transition Action Day, comprising e-learning modules, teacher guidelines, educational videos, quizzes, in-class presentations, discussion prompts, and role-play instructions for 5 interactive units:

Power up! – Know-how on energy transition

Move on! – Know-how on mobility

Feel at home! – Know-how on housing

Just imagine! – Roleplay to plan a new more climate friendly area

Let’s pitch! –Presentation of planning results

A Digital ETAD tool for city planning, complete with a manual, to facilitate sustainable urban development.

Empowered students who are not just knowledgeable but also driven to make a difference.

A community of trained teachers who can continue to inspire and educate students in the years to come.